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ALTA Lite Coffee is one of our powerpacked beverages are made from all-natural sources.

With powerful ingredients :

COLLAGEN, that makes your joints, hair and skin healthier.

We use marine collagen (MC) in ALTA Lite Coffee.
- marine collagen is environmentally sustainable.
- marine collagen is completely tasteless and odor free, it mixes well with other ingredients. Very versatile
- marine collagen is well digested , absorbed and  distributed around the body.  It has the smallest molecular weight and smallest particle size which means it can easily be absorbed and effectively distributed in the body.
- marine collagen is made up of Type 1 collagen, which is most abundant collagen in our bodies.
- marine collagen is 93% pure protein, it provides 8-9 essential amino acids to support maintenance growth and repair. It contains NO sugar, no fats and no carbohydrates making it one of the best sources of protein in the planet.  Rich in anti inflammatory protein, helps support wear and tear of muscle.
- marine collagen (MC) is ANTI Aging,  as we grow older, our collagen production starts to decline leading to wrinkles, sagging skin and joint complaints. MC supports the maintenance and structure of our connective tissues including skin hair nails and joints and bones.
- MC makes our digestive gut lining healthy, because of its anti inflammatory effect. 

Ashwaganda powder that may help in calming the brain and promotes better mood, improves memory, lessens stress and anxiety.

L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extracts that converts body fats to energy for weight loss. So if you want to lose weight, you do not need to take supplements that will make you “poop”, its very inconvenient and uncomfortable especially if you are on the GO.

ALTA Lite Coffee Drink, with its maximum strength dosage of L- Carnitine
And Green Tea extract, your body fats will be converted to energy as long as you live an active lifestyle.

Probiotics and Prebiotics for a healthier gut (gastrointestinal health).
Everything starts in the GUT.  Your gut is the foundation of everything. (Healthy Gastrointestinal System) 
all the food intake is being digested in our gut.  In fact 80% of your immune system is in the gut. This means if your gut is not healthy, then your immune system and hormones wont function and you’ll get  sick. 
That’s why probiotics or good bacteria helps maintain a very good and healthy gut environment.

Milk thistle in ALTA Lite Coffee supports effective gastrointestinal movement.

We use STEVIA in ALTA Lite coffee.
Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener derived from plants. 
It lowers blood pressure and blood sugar level and fights diabetes. It controls weight gain and it controls the risk of developing cancer and diabetes.

Approved by The FDA, this is the first and only collagen and coffee drink in the market that combines all natural ingredients and has beneficial effects in over all human health.

ALTA Lite Coffee Drink has its nice coffee aroma and taste that will perk you up and gives you more energy needed for the day.

Love your body, love your health, love yourself! 

.ALTA Lite Coffee Drink

₱398.00 Regular Price
₱378.10Sale Price
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