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Our Company

( formerly Saranghaeyo Skin and Wellness Inc. 2022)

Altaworld Skin and Wellness Inc. has been established to empower Filipinos to look 
and feel their best with beauty essentials and lifestyle products that truly embrace their 
unique charm and distinct grace.

As we search the world for new and emerging brands for overall well-being, we help 
transform lives for the better by bringing out one’s true beauty and face every day
with confidence.

At Altaworld Skin and Wellness Inc., we provide affordable luxury skin and wellness 
solutions through our various beauty products carefully fashioned through our top-notch 
research and development team.

We curate and feature only the best and the latest beauty and lifestyle products as we 
aim to spread the benefits of healthy and glowing skin to more Filipinos.

We offer skincare, bath and body and a variety of exclusive and private labels.


Our Brand


Alta Skin Care System is the fastest growing beauty brand in the Philippines dedicated to bringing premium quality skincare to sophisticated everyday Filipinos nationwide.


The Alta Skin Care System is a four-step skincare kit that uses the combined power of Niacinamide and DermawhiteTM to bring out the skin’s inner glow while minimizing powers and blemishes.


Alta sources premium quality ingredients for all its products, putting the best possible skincare within reach of the everyday Filipino.


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Our Vision

Beauty that empowers and transforms our way of life.


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Our Mission

To provide the best in beauty and lifestyle essentials for a healthy and glowing you.

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Our Values

At Altaworld Skin and Wellness Inc., we have a set of values with which we operate our business, reflecting and shaping our company culture : 

Customer Commitment




Personal Accountability

Collaboration and Partnership

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