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ALTA Bloom Collagen Drink is a powerpacked juice drink, that is made from natural sources.

With powerful ingredients,


collagen, that makes your joints, hair and skin healthier.


Ashwaganda powder that may help in calming the brain and promotes better mood, improves memory, lessens stress and anxiety.


L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extracts that converts body fats to energy for weight loss.


Probiotics and Prebiotics for a healthier gut (gastrointestinal health)


Approved by The FDA, this the first and only collagen drink in the market that combines all natural ingredients and has beneficial effects in over all human health.


ALTA Bloom Collagen Drink comes in refreshing lychee flavor

with a suggested retail price of 398 per box of 10 sachets.

Introductory price of 900 pesos for 3 boxes.


Love your body, love your health, love yourself!

Drink ALTA Bloom Collagen Drink daily for a healthier you!

*ALTA Bloom Collagen Drink

₱398.00 Regular Price
₱298.50Sale Price
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